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Sep 11, 2014
SCANLAB's digital encoder technology overcomes the inertia barrier
SCANLAB AG underscores its innovation leadership in laser positioning and deflection systems by setting new standards for galvanometer scanners. It is well-established that digital encoder systems offer the highest precision for laser processing. A digital encoding innovation by SCANLAB can now remove existing limitations to dynamic performance. This new approach to...
Jun 23, 2014
High-Productivity Hybrid Scanner Technology from SCANLAB
SCANLAB AG will introduce an integrated hybrid polygon laser scan system solution to the broad audience at LASYS 2014 in Stuttgart. This high-dynamics polygon laser scan system is especially well-suited for line-by-line processing of surfaces – e.g. silicon wafers – via high-repetition USP (ultra-short-pulse) lasers. The hybrid system also demonstrated a rigorous cut...
Jun 13, 2014
Scan System Teaches Robots How to Take Aim
At LASYS in Stuttgart SCANLAB AG presents together with its subsidiary Blackbird Robotersysteme GmbH an industry-proven system solution for robot-assisted 3D scanner welding. The system's key advantage lies in how it combines flexible industrial robots with high-dynamics scanners. This combination enables complex on-the-fly welding operations – which means...
Jun 13, 2014
As an innovation leader in remote laser welding solutions, Blackbird Robotersysteme GmbH – a division of SCANLAB AG – has announced the appointment of Tim Morris as Vice President Blackbird Robotics North America. In addition to business development and sales support, Morris will lead the establishment of an application engineering and service capability for the...
Jun 19, 2013
The most efficient digital-encoder galvanometer scan heads
SCANLAB AG's product palette now includes the intelliSCANse series of scan heads, with 10mm and 14mm apertures. Featuring the new dynAXISse galvanometer scanners with digital encoders, these new intelliSCANse scan heads set worldwide standards for ultra-accurate scanning at high throughput, as required for electronic component manufacturing...


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