quick and easy data access

More Flexibility for Data Analysis

StreamParser is an application programming interface (API) that enables new access to the scan system status data and status of the RTC6 Ethernet and RTC6 EtherBox. This data can be transferred to application programs for data analysis using the program – independently of running jobs.

Flow chart StreamParser



  • Separation of control, recording and evaluation
    The StreamParser facilitates data recording because it enables additional read access to RTC6 Ethernet control boards. This is independent of the job execution on the RTC6 Ethernet and has no effect on the performance of the control software. This decouples data recording and evaluation of the RTC and scan system data from the RTC control.
  • More Data
    The StreamParser can receive up to eight data channels in parallel from each connected RTC6 Ethernet control board. You can select from various RTC data channels and scan system status data.
  • Flexible integration and fast programming
    Activate data streaming by making minimal changes to the control program and gain more flexible read access to RTC and scan system data. You can receive data packets from several RTC6 Ethernet control boards in parallel, as well as during and outside of job execution. Operate the StreamParser either on the same PC that controls the RTC6 Ethernet or on another PC. Demo code is available for the development of user programs.

Download the current version here!

Screenshot StreamParser
Data recording of the transmitted data in an exemplary user program



The StreamParser is only compatible with RTC6 Ethernet control cards. The activation of data streaming on the RTC6 Ethernet is supported in RTC6 software packages ≥ version 1.16.3 (release date: 2023-09-29). The StreamParser is compatible to SCANmotionControl.