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Lasers Stimulate Creativity

The textile industry continuously seeks new materials, patterns and structured surfaces, while also valuing higher quality and safety, as well as individualized designs and pleasing haptics. No wonder laser processing tools play an ever-increasing role here, by offering excellent quality-of-cut, fast and easy cutting, and pattern-design freedom.

Typical laser processes:

  • Laser cutting
    material-efficient, flexible and quick cutting of fabrics (cotton, felt), leather or technical textiles (fleece, cord) for shoes, occupational garments and airbags

  • Laser perforation
    e.g. micro-perforation of membranes for climate control technology

  • Laser marking and engraving
    e.g. personalizing jeans and soft-shell garments

Learn more about our scan systems that you can use for the above-mentioned applications.

As an OEM partner, SCANLAB manufactures a wide variety of scan solutions suitable for usage in laser processing machines.

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