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Return & Repairs

SCANLAB seeks to offer you optimum repair support. To ensure quick and hassle-free repairs and product servicing of our products, please observe the following:

Fault Diagnosis

Before you send a product to SCANLAB, please verify that the defect or functionality problem resides within our product. You may do so by referring to the specifications listed in the product's user documentation.

We reserve the right to charge for the function check and diagnosis of the system even if no repair works are performed. This also applies to fault-free repairs cases during the warranty period.

Please understand that we can only service systems that are manufactured by SCANLAB.


When returning a product, please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • SCANLAB is an OEM supplier and only accepts deliveries from its direct customers with a SCANLAB customer ID. If you do not have a SCANLAB customer ID, please contact us before returning any product to SCANLAB, as we may refuse deliveries from customers without SCANLAB customer IDs.
  • The System automatically receives a repair-order-number when it is delivered to SCANLAB. We do not need a special RMA number, but if you want to please contact us.
  • The product should be ready for repair, i.e. reasonably cleaned, cooling lines (air and water) emptied and connectors sealed.
  • Carefully clean your product before returning it. Decontaminate if necessary.
  • Returned systems must be free of hazardous substances.
  • If unable to ensure that the product is free from hazardous substances, you must notify us before shipping. After obtaining SCANLAB's approval, appropriately package and label the system.
  • If possible, use the original packing material to ensure that the product is optimally protected; returned electronic products must be placed in appropriate antistatic packaging.
  • To avoid repair delays, please enclose the fully completed return delivery form with the returned product. Return delivery forms are included with the product's documentation, or may be downloaded from our website. You may choose either the online version or an offline version.

When returning a product from outside the European Union, please adhere to the following additional guidelines:

  • For returns from outside the European Union please use FedEx exclusively as courier because they provide the best and quickest service for clearing customs. Customs clearance with other couriers may be very expensive and time consuming, as some of them offer very limited import services.
  • Please add the following information to the proforma invoice when shipping from outside the EU:
    • "Return to manufacturer"
    • "Country of origin: Germany"
    • "Customs and duties to be paid by recipient (SCANLAB)"
    • Product serial number
    • Product value (original purchase price)
    • A packaging list (please refer to the packaging list or the invoice you received from us)

When shipping from outside the EU, make sure you state the correct product value – do not declare a lower value. We are obliged to declare the original purchase price for both import and export – otherwise you might have difficulties re-importing the repaired goods into your country. On documents accompanying the return shipment we’ll always declare the correct value together with the repair value. For warranty repairs this means the value of the replaced parts, for other repairs the total repair costs.

To avoid import problems in your country please contact your local customs authorities before shipping any goods to our company.

Product Warranty

SCANLAB guarantees its products to be free of defects in manufacturing or material. The warranty period commences upon delivery of the product. Repairs covered under the warranty will be performed at SCANLAB.

The scope of the warranty is limited to repair or replacement of our product.

SCANLAB is not liable for:

  • Products damaged through misuse or improper Operation
  • Damage to optical components (mirrors, objective, etc.) caused by improper handling or cleaning
  • Damage due to improper laser power (e.g. focused beam on optical surfaces) or improper alignment
  • Product repairs not carried out by SCANLAB
  • Damage caused by transport or improper packaging when returning a product to SCANLAB
  • Altered products
  • Products with broken warranty seals
  • Consequential damages

SCANLAB warrants repairs for 12 months. Please note that SCANLAB´s repair warranty applies only to the replaced assemblies.

Cost Estimates

SCANLAB carefully checks each returned system. To ensure quick repair turnaround times, repairs are performed promptly without first contacting you if the repair cost doesn’t exceed EUR 850. Upon request, we’ll also gladly provide cost estimates even in those cases where the repair cost is below EUR 850. In such cases a service surcharge will apply.

Repair Costs

Repair costs are individually calculated in accordance with replaced parts and labor required. Therefore, we can’t estimate repair costs until the product has arrived at our site.

Shipping Costs

SCANLAB will cover the return transport costs on products repaired under warranty. For all other cases the sender bears the transport costs. We will not pay for any freight collect shipments; the sender will be invoiced for any such charges.

Terms of Delivery and Payment

Otherwise, SCANLAB's General Terms & Conditions remain applicable.

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Return Delivery Form
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Return Delivery Form
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General Terms and Conditions

Repair Time

Repairs are usually completed within two weeks after the cost estimate has been approved.

In case of spare parts shortage repairs may take longer.

Shipping Address

Please return your product to the following address:

Siemensstr. 2a
82178 Puchheim