Power for Mobility

Lasers Make Cars Better

The automotive industry faces countless challenges around the world, such as: lighter, safer, smarter, environmentally friendlier. Laser processes deliver exceptional flexibility with high robustness, and meet tough safety standards.

Laser Tools Offer

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  • Increased productivity
  • Further enhancement with trajectory planning
  • Material and weight savings
  • Enhanced sustainability thanks to lower fuel consumption
  • Greater safety
  • More design flexibility
  • More process monitoring for higher product quality

Typical Laser Scan Applications in the Automotive Industry

  • Remote welding of body components and heat exchangers, for further information visit the website of our associated company Blackbird Robotersysteme GmbH.

  • Welding of plastics e.g. contactless welding of containers or headlights

  • Laser drilling for micrometer-exact fabrication of injection nozzles etc.

  • Laser cutting of installable parts, airbags and other technical textiles (e.g. CFRP)

  • Laser hardening of highly stress-subjected mechanisms for minimized wear and tear

  • Laser perforation e.g. for defined breaking points in airbag fittings

  • Laser structuring for surface treatment, minimizing friction losses, and tool mould making for interior fitting components

  • Laser marking day/night labeling of displays or controls, laser marking of nameplates, laser labeling of parts for batch tracking

  • Functionalizing via laser cleaning processes for preparation of bonding surfaces, paint removal, degreasing, creating oxide layers etc.

  • Additive manufacturing for example for customized component manufacturing

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Research Collaborations

eVerest  (2016-2018)
Machines and system technology for efficiently fabricating large 3D mold tools with design surfaces

HyBriLight  (2014-2018)
Material-optimized process chain for cost-efficient composite lightweight construction with high-productivity laser systems