small spots in flexible fields

Scanning at Highest Powers

powerSCAN II scan systems exactingly position laser beams of multiple kilowatts onto your workpiece in mere milliseconds.

Apertures of 50 mm and 70 mm enable small spot sizes and high power densities – even at large working distances and with large image fields.

Integrated cooling of the individual components ensures dependable operation with very good long-term stability, even under challenging environmental conditions.

The compact system includes a fully digital control, thus offering all the advantages of iDRIVE technology: high flexibility, high dynamics , readability of the actual position and other status states in real time, etc.
With an integrated third axis, the laser beam can be focused dynamically in the working volume. This enables fast and precise processing of workpieces in three dimensions. By means of an additional stepper motor, the size of the image field can be adjusted within a wide range as required.

The available interlock allows the system to be easily integrated into the safety circuit. 

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