SCANLAB culture and values

Who we are

We are more like a professional who is quietly confident that expertise pays off in the long term, not an outspoken phony who labels every product as a tried-and-tested bestseller even before the first prototype. German modesty? Maybe. Proud of it? Certainly.

What we stand for

Everyone who works with us can rely on us, be they customers, partners or colleagues. The reverse is also true, in that we give our counterpart the trust that makes a good relationship work. Our employees in particular have the freedom to express a different opinion, try things out, wrangle with ideas, fiddle about – even, sometimes, fail. This is the only way for individuals to surpass themselves. This is the only way that progress is possible.

How we communicate with each other

We set great store by the fact that cooperation at SCANLAB – regardless of any hierarchies – is characterized by appreciation and acknowledgment. We value frank and lively dialog. We compliment each other, deal with criticism constructively and support each other always when necessary. In this way, we create a team spirit together that makes everything possible.

What motivates us

Why do we get up every morning? We want to shape the future of the laser technology industry. To do so, we carry on searching for the best technical and cost-effective solution for our customers' applications inquisitively and eagerly. Why has this been so successful? We listen, look ahead, and time and time again have the courage to take the first step.

What the numbers tell us about SCANLAB

Do you have a head for figures and want hard facts? If so, this collection of numbers will be right up your street.

Informationen für Bewerber

Want to know more about SCANLAB?

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Company profile

SCANLAB in Figures

Some scan systems can write more than


characters per second . Even on a hair, if required.

Lasermarkieren SCANLAB

Every day, employees from


nations work to make SCANLAB fantastic and unique. 


We always give 100% and have

No Wish

for for boredom or strict hierarchies.

Our scanners accelerate a laser in
0.0001 seconds to  




Our smallest galvanometer weighs


grams. A particular favorite in medical technology.  

Our company is made up of 


percent women. We hope to have more in future. 

Mitarbeiterin SCANLAB


friendly colleagues, with whom we can laugh until we cry, even on Mondays. 

Mitarbeiter SCANLAB

We have  


years' experience wielding lasers. Only Skywalker has more.

additive manufacturing SCANLAB

3D printing is just


of our core competencies. Team spirit is another.

Work at SCANLAB. We're shaping the future of the laser industry.

What's it like to work at SCANLAB? Hear what our employees have to say!
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Working at SCANLAB statement

"In my job...

no day is the same. Continuous new customer requirements always demand new technical solutions. Variety is my everyday."

Huihong, Technical Sales Asia

SCANLAB Mitarbeiter Statement

"20 years already...

I have been at SCANLAB and have experienced the company’s growth first-hand. For me personally, this was a great opportunity for professional evolution, because I was able to grow from assembly to product development."

Abdurahim, Product Development Hardware

SCANLAB Mitarbeiter

"I liked it so much here...

that I even convinced my mother and a friend to apply for a job at SCANLAB. Now we're all colleagues too."

Thomas, Special Systems Building Team 

Mitarbeiterin SCANLAB

"Although I was still an...

apprentice not long ago, I was given a good deal of freedom straight away and was able to make a lot of decisions independently. That makes me proud."

Celine, Europe Sales Support



SCANLAB Mitarbeiter Zitat

"Before, I had nothing to do with circuits...

my area was wood and gastronomy. During my retraining as an electronic engineer, I started at SCANLAB and now I'm a team leader in manufacturing."

Fitim, Scanner Assembly Team Leader

Gleichstellung bei SCANLAB

Equality information

To improve readability, plural pronouns are used here to refer to a singular subject of any gender. 

What matters to us is only what kind of person you are and if you are willing to work with us to push SCANLAB forward.