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Laser Technology Creates Lasting Values

With tough requirements for machining delicate components and highly precious materials, the jewelry and watch-making industry is predestined to rely on lasers. This wear-free tool is ideal for processing metallic and crystalline materials. Used with high-end scan heads, lasers enable highest precision, perfect-fit-processing and ultra-fine structuring.

Ever-increasing demand for individualized design also affects the lifestyle sector. Here, lasers can help bring your ideas to life, because only this technology has made individualized fabrication affordable.

Typical laser applications:

  • Laser Cutting
    e.g. sapphire glass or tiny components such as pointers or gearwheels

  • Laser Engraving
    e.g. subsurface glass engraving – for forgery-proof product labeling, large-area refinement or individualized laser engraving of jewelry, watches and smart devices

  • Laser Welding
    e.g. fine welding for jewelry repairs

  • Laser Structuring
    e.g. surface refinement and tool mould making for housings and jewelry pieces

  • Laser Sintering (3D printing)
    for individualized fabrication of single pieces

As an OEM partner, SCANLAB manufactures a wide variety of scan solutions suitable for usage in laser processing machines.

Learn more about our scan systems that you can use for the above-mentioned applications.

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