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Scan Lenses

All scan systems are equipped with suitable standard objectives or specialized optics. SCANLAB's optics experts provide a broad range of objectives tested for usability, coating choices and perfect compatibility. Our recommendations for suitable optics always take your specific requirements and applications into account.

Objectives are mounted at the scan system's beam exit.  The focus optic's type and focal length (or back focal length) are optimized for your application's wavelength, laser power, spot size , image field size and working distance .

F-Theta Objectives

F-Theta objectives enable ultra-accurate processing of flat image fields without dynamic limitations. A short-focal-length F-Theta objective  facilitates short working distances, as well as very compactly-dimensioned systems. SCANLAB offers a diverse variety of F-Theta and flat field objectives (along with telecentric objectives). Customer-specific designs are possible, too.

Specialized Optics

For a range of special tasks, SCANLAB offers scan mirrors with specialized geometries and substrate materials, as well as focus optics for unique beam shapes. Also available is a system that can image masks at variable positions in the image field. Upon request, we develop individual solutions together with the customer.

Scan systems can be equipped with a protective window to eliminate contamination risk during material processing.

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