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Lasers Create New Diagnostic and Treatment Possibilities

Today's health sector offers highly effective treatment methods, in part made possible by precisely-dosed, targeted application of lasers. The broad usage possibilities range from surgery and cosmetic treatment to fabrication of patient-specific artificial joints and dental prostheses.

Typical laser applications in the health sector:

Operations and Diagnostics in Ophthalmology

  • Refractive surgery for treatment of vision defects (Microkeratome Lasik, Femto Lasik, Laser Cataract Surgery)

  • Retinal photocoagulation  to treat conditions including diabetic retinopathy and age-related macular degeneration

  • High-resolution, non-invasive diagnostic imaging via OCT (optical coherence tomography) and SLO (Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscopy) e.g. for measuring retinal thickness or detecting glaucoma and macular degeneration

Confocal Microscopy and multiphoton microscopy

  • High resolution imaging for use in biomedical research

Laser Treatments in Dermatology

  • Laser Skin Resurfacing, a gentle approach for reduction of scars and wrinkles

  • Long-lasting hair removal

  • Treatment of skin and blood vessel changes (spider veins, red veins, port-wine stains)

Laser 3D Printing / additive manufacturing

  • For fabricating individualized implants or joint and dental prostheses, as well as customized surgical tools

Long-Lasting and High-Resolution Labeling (Laser Marking)

  • Of artificial joints and treatment tools

Computed Radiography

  • Digitizing of X-rays for ease of storage and sharing


  • DNA sequencing to improve understanding of diseases, and aid in development of pharmaceutical drugs


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