Combat Product Piracy

Brand Protection and Piracy Proofing

Counterfeited products of inferior quality inflict substantial economic damage worldwide for manufacturers and users alike. Unusually low prices for specific products and systems are typical indicators of counterfeiting. Be particularly cautious if buying products via unfamiliar websites or in auctions. If you have questions or concerns about system genuineness, feel free to contact us directly or your local dealer.

SCANLAB places great emphasis on combating product piracy – i.e. counterfeits and inferior copies of products. Since early 2016, individually coded brand-protection security labels guarantee each manufactured system's genuineness and traceability. Starting in 2020, all delivered RTC control boards carry the brand protection security label too.

These silver-colored labels incorporate visible, semi-visible and concealed security attributes, some of which are only detectable with magnification or a reading device. Furthermore, the labels are forgery-proof and can't be typographically or holographically copied.

Piracy proofing SCANLAB


How Can You Confirm Your Scan System's Genuineness?

You can perform a few steps on your own to check the scan solution's genuineness.

1. Visually Inspect the Brand Protection Label

At first glance: Is your system equipped with a security label? Every scan system and galvanometer scanner shipped after February 2016, and every RTC control board shipped since 2020, contains a brand protection label with holographic effects. These small, silver-colored labels are attached with a special adhesive, making them difficult to remove.

If your product doesn't bear a silver-colored label, it could be counterfeit.

2. With the Unaided Eye: Read and Compare the 4-Digit Security Code

Each piracy-protection label contains a unique alphanumeric code assigned only once. The final digit is followed by a ‘serial moving code’ that optically jumps slightly upward or downward in response to motion and repeats the code's final digit. Both elements are typically recognizable without tools.

3. Concealed Piracy-Protection Attributes

A magnifying glass helps you view three additional security elements. Firstly, a 10-digit microcode above the SCANLAB logo. Secondly, an ‘eclipse effect’ that generates a depth illusion when the label is tilted. Thirdly, ‘HDI – High Definition Imaging’ – in the form of a high-resolution SCANLAB brand logo.

A final security level is only detectable using special analog or digital laser reading devices: a 4-digit code combined with the SCANLAB logo that repeats the 10-digit microcode's last four digits.


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Genuineness Verification at SCANLAB

For authoritative clarification of genuineness, simply ask SCANLAB.

You'll need the 
product's 4-digit security code and the serial number.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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