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Lasers Are Industry's Flexible Tools

Lasers are indispensible to today's mechanical engineering industry, thanks to their quality, flexibility and automation possibilities.

Lasers offer a wide array of materials-processing applications to the tool and mechanical engineering sector:

  • Laser cutting and punching of components, contours and stencils

  • Laser marking of raw materials and final products, environmentally friendly and durable marking, even of poorly accessible component surfaces

  • Laser engraving and deep engraving for generating 3D structures via layered ablation, e.g. for injection molds or embossing tools

  • Laser welding for durable and clean joined component edges

  • Laser sintering for rapid prototyping (additive manufacturing, 3D printing) quick product development, small-scale production and manufacturing composite components

  • Laser hardening targeted surface treatment for minimized wear

  • Laser cleaning of industrial surfaces to remove organic and anorganic contaminations such as rust and oil

Application Laserprocessing Lasertec
Application Laserprocessing Lasertec

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