laserDESK features

Hardware Configuration and Control

3D calibration wizard to calibrate 2- and 3D scanning systems.


All Hardware Settings Accessible Within laserDESK

Centrally managed settings for hardware such as

  • Process laser
  • Pilot laser
  • Scan head parameters
  • Configuration of linear or rotary axes
  • Including generic motor control interface

laserDESK Wizards

  • Laser wizard for creating laser definition files (for generic and specified laser types)
  • 3D calibration wizard for correct scaling of the laser scan system
  • Wizard for the POF encoder
  • Wizard for tracking error analysis (only with iDRIVE)
  • Wizard for creating user-defined variable-polygon-delay curves (only with intelliSCAN)
  • Parameter wizard for selecting optimal process parameters


Questions about laserDESK?

Please have a look at our laserDESK FAQ!