Laser Welding

Laser Welding Scan Heads

The intelliWELD scan system's compact design facilitates straightforward mounting onto welding robots and enables use even in difficult-to-access production spaces.

All optical components are specially designed for fiber-coupled disk or fiber lasers with powers up to 8 kW.

iDRIVE technology provides the intelliWELD with comprehensive diagnostics and monitoring possibilities.

intelliWELD II PR

30 mm
Angle Transmitter of Galvanometer Scanners
analog position detector
Show Optical Configuration
Wavelength range
1030 -1085 nm
1065 - 1105 nm
Max. laser power
(standard systems, 100% duty cycle)
8000 W @ 1064 nm
with air cooling
Typical scan angle
±0.35 rad (opt.)
Show Dynamics
Number of installed tunings
up to 3
Typical tuning
fast vector tuning
Tracking error
0.6 ms
Marking speed
(f = 160 mm)
4 rad/s
Positioning speed
(f = 160 mm)
50 rad/s
Step response time
(settling to 1/1000 of full scale)
1% of full scale
1.2 ms
(with step tuning)
10% of full scale
3.5 ms
(with step tuning)
< 2 µrad
Positioning resolution
18 Bit *
* 18 bit: based on the full angle range (e.g. positioning resolution 2.8 µrad for angle range ±0.36 rad),
resolutions better than 16 bit (11 µrad) only together with SL2-100 interface
Electronics / Control
Servo control galvanometer scanner
digital servo control board
Control interface
digital SL2-100
Advanced diagnosis options
yes (iDRIVE)
Power requirements
±(15+1.5) V DC, max. 8 A each
Scan axes
3-axis system
Housing variants
scan head
Connector positions
opposite to beam exit side
Weight without objective
(standard housing)
21 - 37 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H)
(standard housing)
(367 x 186.5 x 238) mm3
Other Provisions
Water cooling
Air cooling
fan integrated
Other Specifications
Operating temperature
25 °C ± 10 °C
Teach-in modul for setting welding tasks,
ScanControlUnit - central control unit
Typical Applications
Robot-assisted welding (remote welding),
3D applications,
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  • Teach-in module for setting welding tasks
  • ScanControlUnit - central control unit


  • Various optical configurations (pre-/post-objective-scanning)
  • Camera port with tracking optics
  • Interlock
  • Double protective window beam exit
  • Protective-window sensor beam exit
  • Collimator protective window
  • Flow-rate sensor
  • Teach-in module




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