IVer Series

Smart and High Dynamic Scanning

The intelliSCAN IV is the latest product in the successful intelliSCAN series. In addition to the traditional intelliSCAN highlights, we have equipped it with the following new ones:

Outstanding dynamics

  • 48 V power supply
  • Classic tracking error tuning or SCANahead control available
  • SCANmotionControl support
  • New cooling concept specially adapted for high dynamics

Easy integration and installation

  • Compact, dust- and water-proof housing (IP 66)
  • 20-Bit (SL2-100) and 16-Bit (XY2-100) control with automatic recognition
  • Interlock connection for integration into a safety circuit

Ready for SCANmotionControl

  • Highest accuracy and precise laser control through trajectory planning
  • Shortest process times through optimal use of scanner dynamics and laser power
  • Advanced Spot Distance Control (SDC) function
  • Simple job planning and simulation: ‘What you see is what you get‘
  • Multi-head and multi-instance capable (up to four scanners)
    More information in the SCANmotionControl video.

SCANahead Control

  • Fully utilized galvo dynamics for increased throughput
  • No tracking error
  • Fast marking of circles without necking effects
  • Auto delay function of the RTC6: Laser and scanner delays are set automatically

Specification and dimensions of the intelliSCAN IV can be found in the flyer. More information in the SCANahead video below.



intelliSCAN IV 14

intelliSCAN IV 30

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intelliSCAN IV

intelliSCAN IV

Compact High-performance Scan Heads


Higher Productivity in Laser Processing Thanks to SCANahead