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Hardware configuration and control

All hardware settings accessible within laserDESK

Centrally managed settings for hardware such as:

  • Process laser
  • Pilot laser support
  • Scan head setup parameters
  • Parameters for integrated linear or rotary axes

laserDESK wizards

  • Wizard for creating laser definition files (for generic and specified laser types)
  • Calibration wizard for correct scaling of the laser scan system
  • Calibration wizard for the POF encoder
  • Calibration wizard  for tracking error analysis (only with iDrive)
  • Calibration wizard for creating user-defined variable-polygon-delay curves (only with intelliSCAN  )
  • Wizard for selecting optimal process parameters

Operate your hardware manually within laserDESK

  • Set and query digital interface levels
  • I/O control
  • Manual motor control
  • Manual laser control

Full support for numerous lasers (control and error monitoring) without need of additional hardware or software (can be implemented for other lasers, too)

Pilot laser functions for easily aligning marks onto the workpiece

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