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Collaborative Research

Since several years SCANLAB actively participates in joint research projects to advance scanner technology and continuously enable new laser applications.

In project-related committees, we support and guide projects for institutional research. Additionally, SCANLAB offers an exciting field of activity to young engineers, e.g. via industry-sponsored doctorate programs.

Overview of Current and Completed Research Projects

DUVEL (2016-2019)
Deep-UV Engine for UKP laser processing

eVerest (2016-2018)
Machines and system technology for efficiently fabricating large 3D mold tools with design surfaces

HyBriLight (2014-2018)
Material-optimized process chain for cost-efficient composite lightweight construction with high-productivity laser systems

appolo (2013-2017)
Hub of Application Laboratories for Equipment Assessment in Laser Based Manufacturing

Ultralas (2010-2013)
High-resolution, ultra-high-speed laser processing system for mass producing photovoltaics

Scan4Surf (2010-2013)
High-precision inline measurement technique for laser structuring systems

Weldima (2009-2012)
Investigation of welding mixed materials via high-brightness lasers

Solasys (2008-2011)
Next Generation Solar Cell and Module Laser Processing System

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