Digital Encoder Technology

SCANLAB offers galvanometer scanners equipped with analog position detectors, as well as versions with digital encoders.

Digital encoder products include the field-proven de-Encoders and the further-enhanced se-Encoders (SCANLAB encoders).


Special care has been taken to ensure that these digital encoders enhance positioning precision without compromising dynamics or mechanical dimensions. They offer highest dynamic performance with XY-stage precision, as well as comprehensive position feedback and diagnostics. They are particularly suitable for applications that demand the highest possible precision and throughput.

de-Encoders enable a positioning resolution of 19-20 bits, exceptionally low dither (electronic noise), best linearity and lowest drift .


Position detectors with se-Encoders (based on interferometric sensing) ensure outstanding resolution along with lowest drift and dither .

SCANLAB's patented, ultra-low-inertia design makes systems equipped with these se-Encoders (e.g. intelliSCANse10) among the fastest, most accurate scan heads on the market – even starting with apertures of 10 mm and up.