Matching Control Solutions


The RTC5 control board provides synchronous, interference-resistant control of scan systems, lasers and peripheral equipment in real time. It is available as a PC interface board, PCI-Express board, or PCIe/104 module.

The RTC5 supports all extended functions of iDRIVE technology integrated in scan systems with digital servo electronics.

A high-performance signal processor and the supplied DLL simplify programming under Windows. The RTC5 communicates with scan systems via the SL2-100 data transfer protocol. This protocol supports 20-bit control signals and thereby a 16x higher positioning resolution compared to the predecessor board, the RTC4.

For laser control, various programmable laser signals are available for vector and bitmap output. Laser power is freely and automatically adjustable.

The RTC5's numerous options provide maximum flexibility to meet a wide range of customer requirements.

Precise and Reproducible Laser Processing

During operation, RTC5 control boards provide automatic position/speed/vector-dependent readjustment of laser power. Furthermore, the scan system can be synchronized to the laser. This “output synchronization” is also possible when the laser-pulse signal is defined by a fixed laser clock (e.g. USP lasers) – thus allowing the RTC5 to provide exact and reproducible laser processing (see illustration).