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Drivers and software packages for RTC control boards

Here you can download RTC software packages with the current drivers for your SCANLAB RTC control board.

For RTC5 boards (PCI, PCI-Express) and RTC6 boards, the SCANLAB laserDESK software is available. laserDESK lets you easily create and execute professional laser jobs. Please ask your sales contact, if you should need additional information.

Additional information about RTC software (Scope of delivery and Programming) 


RTC Software packages

RTC SCANalone: current software package
(package release 2018-04-17)

RTC6: current software package
(package release 1.7.9, 2021-02-05)

RTC5: current software package
(package release 2020-11-13)

RTC4 Ethernet V2: current software package
(package release 2020-10-16)

RTC4 Ethernet: current software package
(package release 2017-01-19)

RTC4: current software package
(package release 2018-04-17)

RTC3: current software package
(package release 2018-04-17)

Several software vendors offer application packages for the RTC boards.

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