laserDESK features

Support of RTC5 and RTC6 Functions

  • Process control using the RTC's I/O ports without needing additional hardware or software (via variants)
  • Scan head control with 20-bit resolution
  • Virtual image field (24-bit or larger) for layout positioning when processing on-the-fly
  • Dynamic memory management of RTC5 and RTC6 memory
  • Support of intelliSCAN diagnostic functions (e.g. determining tracking error and protocolling traversed structures)
  • Automatic integration of RTC5 and RTC6 correction files
  • Automatic sky-writing computation
  • RTC6 functions include: Spot Distance Control (SDC), Short Vector Marking, SCANahead support, Ultra Fast Pixel Mode (UFPM), Parameter ramping along the marking path