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SCANLAB extends its company building

SCANLAB GmbH is extending its company building in Puchheim. By doing so, the company is paving the way for continuous growth while also increasing its production capacity. The planned extension, which is now the fourth construction phase on company grounds, once again boasts many features that actively help conserve resources. From the power supply from photovoltaics, the cooling of the building by a groundwater heat exchanger and the heating using a heat pump system, through to the provision of charging stations for electro-mobility, all aspects are covered. Construction began in the last week of September.

The difficult economic situation and the continuing restrictions caused by supply bottlenecks for numerous components are currently posing huge challenges for the everyday work of most high-tech companies. SCANLAB, a manufacturer of laser scanning solutions in the premium segment, is feeling the effects in many areas of its production process as well. Despite this, the company is continuously increasing its turnover and number of staff. To prevent the company's own limitations from causing bottlenecks after the anticipated easing of global markets, it is extending its production capacity and office space.

Environmentally friendly construction in an industrial environment

The existing company building in the west of Munich is being extended during a fourth construction phase. In addition to the tried-and-tested building cooling by a groundwater heat exchanger, a heat pump system will also be used for heating. The new system is designed to be so powerful that gas boilers which were previously required during demand peaks can be dispensed with. The new section of the building will also be equipped with a photovoltaic system which will cover the majority of the future electricity demand. The integrated green roof ensures that the extension seamlessly blends into the terraced building complex.

Georg Hofner, SCANLAB CEO, summarizes the extension plans: "We would like to meet our responsibility as an employer and as a production company and are therefore continuing to invest in an environmentally friendly construction method and a sustainable energy supply."

The solar power system also supplies green electricity for several charging stations for employees' electric vehicles and for a large number of e-bikes at the many bike stands. As the company counts many sports enthusiasts among its employees, it has been encouraging different activities for years now by providing a multi-purpose sports court, indoor sport activities and a number of private showers.

New space of around 6,500 m2 will be created by March 2024, totaling the floor space to approximately 18,700 m2. The basic concept is made up of plenty of daylight, a layout that is conducive to communication and ergonomic workplace design. There is also plenty of space for new laser laboratories and for expanding clean-room production.

(You can follow the daily construction progress here)

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