Excellent Performance

The Premium Scanning Standard

SCANLAB's excelliSCAN scan head is the high-end standard that meets even the most challenging demands. With the novel galvo control named 'SCANahead control' and the field-proven dynAXISse galvanometers equipped with digital encoders, excelliSCAN allows its user to achieve previously unreachable levels of dynamic performance and precision. This translates to significant gains in productivity and process accuracy.

Innovative Features

SCANahead Control

  • Full utilization of scanner dynamics for higher throughput
  • No unwanted necking effects when rapidly processing circles
  • Universal tuning optimized for all applications

dynAXISse Digital Encoder Galvanometers

  • Maximum linearity and minimum position noise ensure highest positioning accuracy
  • High long-term stability even with ambient temperature fluctuations and 24/7-operation

Housing Innovations

  • Enhanced thermal management for higher load resilience

  • Increased tightness (IP66) and robustness


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