Optics in motion

3D workpiece processing 

varioSCAN II focusing units enable highly dynamic and exceptionally precise positioning of the laser focus along the beam direction. The z axis extends 2D scanning systems for 3D processing or replaces expensive objectives in flat field correction. The product series offers a wide range of different sizes, optics designs and functional upgrades (e.g. integrated encoder ). Each system design is tailor-made for the customer's application.


Features of the varioSCAN II

  • Position independence for installing the z axis in any orientation
  • Clean optimised design for high laser power
  • Revised optics configurations concerning image quality, wavelength range and power compatibility
  • Compact design for easy installation



varioSCAN II

varioSCAN II

  • Analog and digital control signals


varioSCANde II 20i

varioSCANde II

  • Higher dynamic range
  • Larger z stroke
  • Better position stability
  • Read-back function




  • Variably adjustable image field size and working distance
  • FLEX housing with integrated controller boards

varioSCAN II eBox

  • Electronic cards in a compact box
  • Flat design that creates flexible integration options
  • Rear drilling pattern also suitable for upright installation
  • EMC and RoHS compliant
  • Improved thermal management
  • SL2-100 and XY2-100 variants available
varioSCAN II eBox

Combinable products

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3D Laser Application With a Z Axis



Laser Scanner Flat Field Correction Options

varioSCAN or F-Theta Objective