customer specific correction files


The CalibrationLibrary is a programming interface for calibrating SCANLAB 2D and 3D scan systems with RTC control boards. It contains the following functions:

  • Improve correction files based on test point measurements by the user
  • Convert ctb correction files to ct5 correction files and vice versa
  • Convert input values to galvo control values and vice versa
  • Retrieve and adjust specific parameters from correction tables
  • Adjust 3D image field correction to arbitrary inclined planes, cylindrical, conical, and free-form surfaces

The CalibrarionLibrary can be integrated in customer-specific software and supports developing automatic calibration routines for scan systems. A SCANLAB standard correction file (*.ct5 or *.ctb) loaded at the beginning is thereby converted step by step to a system-specific correction file . With that, higher accuracies are achieved.

For accessing all funtions of the CalibrationLibrary, both a C# and a python wrapper is available (in addition to the C-API).

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