Interface for sensor data

Realtime Interface for Process Monitoring

The Open Interface Extension (OIE) is connected directly to the RTC control board and extends it with the following functions:

  • Interface for synchronization of third-party sensors with position data
  • Sensor-based closed-loop control of the laser power
    (e.g. for temperature-based melt pool control)
  • Open interface for process data analysis


The Open Interface Extension (OIE) combines sensor data from the process monitoring with the position data of the scan system. The OIE software tracks sensor signals to the location in the image field where they were recorded. The synchronized data is then available for further analysis.

Advantages of the Open Interface Extension

  • Synchronization of process monitoring data with actual scanner positions
  • Sensor-based closed loop laser power control
  • Simple integration due to top hat rail and software package (incl. demo code and API)

Integration Example

Integration Example OIE

Combinable Products


RTC6 EtherBox

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