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SCANLAB offers excelliSCAN in combination with the RTC6 PCI Express control board. With its substantially increased processing power and optimum support of SCANahead control technology, the RTC6 opens up new system-control possibilities.

excelliSCAN 14

14 mm
Angle Transmitter of Galvanometer Scanners
digital encoder
Show Optical Configuration
Wavelength range
Standard coatings for all common laser systems:
YAG- & fiber lasers,
Green lasers,
UV lasers,
DUV lasers,
CO2 lasers

In addition, our portfolio includes numerous multiple wavelength and broadband coatings, as well as coatings for short-pulse applications and polarization-maintaining coatings
Max. laser power
(standard systems, 100% duty cycle)
500 W @ 1064 nm
with air cooling
Typical scan angle
±0.35 rad (opt.)
Image field size
(1064 nm, f = 160 mm)
95 mm x 95 mm
Typical spot size
(1064 nm, f = 160 mm, M2 = 1.0)
23 µm
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Number of installed tunings
Typical tuning
universal tuning
Tracking error
0 ms
Marking speed
(f = 160 mm)
< 4 m/s
Positioning speed
(f = 160 mm)
< 30 m/s
Writing speed
(with F-Theta lens, f = 160 mm)
High writing quality
850 cps
Good writing quality
1000 cps
< 0.4 µrad
Positioning resolution
20 bit *
< 0.5 mrad / 44°
Temperature drift
< 10 µrad/K
< 4 ppm/K
(after 30 min warm-up)
< 20 µrad
< 20 ppm
(after 3 h warm-up)
< 20 µrad
< 25 ppm
* 20 bit: based on the full angle range (e.g. positioning resolution 0.7 µrad for angle range ±0.36 rad),
resolutions better than 16 bit (11 µrad) only together with SL2-100 interface
Electronics / Control
Servo control galvanometer scanner
digital servo control board
Control interface
digital SL2-100
Advanced diagnosis options
yes (iDRIVE)
Power requirements
30 V DC, max. 3 A
Scan axes
2-axis system
Housing variants
standard: scan head
Connector positions
beam entrance side,
alternatively opposite to beam exit side
Weight without objective
(standard housing)
approx. 7 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H)
(standard housing)
(189.1 x 118 x 158.5) mm3
with water cooling
Beam displacement
16.42 mm
Other Provisions
Water cooling
Air cooling
yes (compressed air cooling of mirrors)
Other Specifications
Operating temperature
25 °C ± 10 °C
Gain error
< 5 mrad
Zero offset deviation
< 5 mrad
Combinable with varioSCAN or excelliSHIFT for 3D applications,
control with SCANLAB´s RTC6 board,
camera adapter available
Typical Applications
Photovoltaic production,
Laser micromachining, Display production,
Deep engraving,
Medical technology
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