Diffractive Optical Elements (DOE)

Shape and split the laser beam in your laser scanning setup using a diffractive optical element (DOE) for increased system performance in numerous applications. 

DOE Top-Hat Square

A DOE is a phase element that modifies an input laser beam into various output profiles and shapes, using thin micro-structures embedded within an optical element.

For example, Multi-Spot DOEs enable parallel processing with a single scan head for increased throughput and full utilisation of the laser power, while Top-Hat beam shaping DOEs increase process quality by providing a constant irradiance over the focal spot.

DOE Axicon Bessel

HOLO/OR, a SCANLAB sister company, offers a vast range of standard diffractive optical elements that are grouped into beam shaping (e.g. Top-Hat, M-Shaper, Ring Generator, Line generator, Homogeniser), beam splitting (e.g. Multi-Spot 1 x N or M x N matrix) and focal shaping types. Custom designs can also be tailor-made on request according to the specifications and needs of the particular application. 

Integrated Scan Kit

Harnessing over 30 years' experience in galvanometer-based laser scanning and diffractive optics, SCANLAB and HOLO/OR offer a solution combining the scan head, F-Theta lens and DOE, while also considering the laser source, to ensure that the desired results are achieved across the image field in practice.



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DOE beam splitter

Laser beam splitting 5 x 5

Further information on diffractive optical elements can be found at HOLO/OR's website