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Premium Scan Heads

SCANLAB's intelliSCAN scan heads stand out with variant diversity and high dynamics enabling deflecting and positioning of laser beams in the working plane. The intelliSCAN series allows versatile and flexible usage. It is designed for tasks with very high scan requirements across a broad variety of application areas.

intelliSCAN Features

High-performance Control

Thanks to powerful servo algorithms, these scanners fulfill the toughest demands for dynamics, flexibility and precision, while also delivering very good marking quality. intelliSCAN's electronics provide comprehensive possibilities for remote diagnostics and communication between the scan system and control computer. All key status parameters are captured in real time.

  • Highest dynamic performance
  • Maximum flexibility due to switchable tunings
  • Ideal adaptability enabled by a multitude of variants
  • Comprehensive diagnostic and monitoring functions
  • High long-term stability
  • Water & air cooling option

Customer-specific Tunings

Tunings can be adapted to customer-specific applications – e.g. to boost speed and/or positioning accuracy.

Innovative Solutions for Various Applications

SCANLAB's intelliSCAN series is available with different galvanometer scanner technologies. The cost effective standard series and III series utilize analog galvos to provide highest dynamics. Whereas intelliSCANse and intelliSCANde systems benefit from digital encoder technology achieving superior positioning accuracy and long-term stability with exceptionally low drift and dither particularly for demanding high-end applications.


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