Direct Connection

Collimation Module

Fiber Connection for Scan Heads

Using a Collimation Module enables direct connection of a fiber-coupled laser to to a scan head. The typical aperture is 30 mm.

Collimation Modules Unique Features

  • Robust housing (water-cooled entrance aperture; stainless steel)
  • Manually adjustable collimation optic, including scale ring
  • Optionally with or without camera port (90°/180° variants)
  • Connection possibilities for pyormeter, vision and OCT at the 90° configuration 
  • Additional beam splitter and camera adapter with C-Mount connection (for 90° configuration) available as add-ons 
  • Flexible mounting possibilities
  • Replaceable protective window in front of collimation optic
  • Good transmission for red pilot lasers
  • Optical components are suitable for multi-kW laser powers
Collimation module



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