Components control

Laser marking and processing made easy

laserDESK is an industrial software for the simple and user-friendly control of complex machining processes. Through its graphical user interface, laser jobs can be created, executed, monitored, as well as evaluated and optimized. That ensures precise and efficient material processing. laserDESK helps automate processes in the whole laser system and supports the functions of the RTC5 and RTC6 control boards.




Complex laser material processing 
and geometry of markings are defined in the laserDESK graphical user interface.
File import and post-processing of
- 2D and 3D vector graphics (dxf, ...)
- stl files and slicing
- bitmap files (png, jpg, ...)
- external text files
Variable objects
such as serial numbers, barcodes, imported texts and graphics are managed independently by laserDESK, ensuring uninterrupted, real-time execution.

Support of 2D and 3D scan systems
through creation and import options for 3D geometries. laserDESK controls SCANLAB's dynamic focusing system (e.g. varioSCAN) accordingly.

Support of excelliSCAN > functions
such as SCANahead and Spot Distance Control.

Remote control and automation
from another application program or PLC. laserDESK runs in the background and  controls the scan head and other connected hardware.

Support of RTC5 > and RTC6 > 
and integration of newly developed RTC6 functions in laserDESK.

Control of mechanical axes
via the serial interface of the PC as part of the laser job. laserDESK can thus be the control center for the entire laser system and control any motors.



Standard Edition Standard Edition plus Remote Control Premium Edition Office Edition
  • all essential features for creating and executing laser-marking and materials-processing jobs
  •  alignment, combine and repeat functions
  • special hatch line sorting functions and the control of all hardware components
  • calibration tools
  • language selection (de, en, zh)
  • all standard edition functionality
  • remote control feature
  • all standard edition functionality
  • remote control feature
  • highly specialized features:
    - 3D support
    - tiling
    - ramping
    SCANahead (with  excelliSCAN)
    - logging of sent RTC commands
  • layer cuts of stl-files for rapid prototyping and deep engraving applications
  • conceived exclusively for creating laser jobs, not hardware control
  • for executing jobs created with the office function, basic, standard or premium edition are needed

All detailed features of the respective editions can be found in the editions overview.