Ultrafast Wobble Head

High Power Meets High Dynamics

The welDYNA scan head is suitable for demanding welding and cutting tasks with highly dynamic beam oscillation. This provides major process advantages, for example when welding dissimilar joints to avoid pore formation and to maintain a stable process. When cutting thick metal sheets, a high cutting quality can be achieved.

Innovative and Unique

Innovative high-power applications are possible thanks to the welDYNA scan head's range of unique properties:

  • Suitable for multi-kW lasers
  • Designed for highest beam quality (single mode)
  • High oscillation frequencies >2 kHz
  • Modular integration with standard collimation and focussing units
  • Low long-term and temperature drift
  • Fully digital servo circuitry
  • Integrated sensor system with real-time monitoring
  • Software-independant interlock interface
  • Water and air cooling in a robust housing
  • Individual design of wobble figures
  • Position adjustment of wobble figures relative to the feed direction

The scan head with a sophisticated housing concept and an innovative optical configuration leads to opposing beam-entrance and exit apertures, thus facilitating the integration with standard welding or cutting heads in gantry- or robot-based machines, e.g. in the automotive or metalworking industry.

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