Standard Series

Universal Scan Heads

Scan heads of the hurrySCAN standard series are available with various apertures and levels of dynamics.

The small scan systems with an aperture of 10 mm provide high dynamics and high precision.

The scan systems with larger apertures provide high speeds at laser powers up to the multi-kilowatt range, along with small spot sizes.

Flexible Mounting Possibilities

hurrySCAN systems with apertures of 20, 25 and 30 mm offer additional threaded bore holes and alignment holes on the housing's beam entrance side for mounting fiber output couplers.

Threaded bore holes are provided on the beam exit side to accommodate additional components such as cross jets, illumination, distance sensors or heat shields.

Cooling Ensures High Long-term Stability and Dependable Operation

The hurrySCAN 20, 25 and 30 scan heads provide connectors for water cooling of the entrance aperture, electronics and galvo scanners, as well as air cooling of the deflection mirrors. This ensures constant  operating conditions and high long-term stability.


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