Compact Box for Scan System Control

'Click-in-system' simplifies integration for industrial manufacture

SCANLAB GmbH facilitates the installation of the RTC6 control electronics in laser machines. With the new RTC6 EtherBox, SCANLAB offers the control board in an industrial-grade casing. This means it can be installed in a control cabinet in a few simple steps. All connections, including Ethernet connections, are conveniently arranged on the front of the box. The RTC6 EtherBox can also be used in 'stand-alone operation', for example to execute pre-defined laser jobs without an additional PC.

Standards, standardized components and uniform fastening systems simplify day-to-day operations and the setup of complex machines. With its practical RTC6 EtherBox, SCANLAB has transformed the control electronics of laser machining systems into an easy-to-integrate 'click-in system'. The handy box, with a high-quality, powder-coated aluminum housing, can be attached to a standard DIN rail in a switch cabinet in a matter of seconds. It also has rubber feet for stability when used in a freestanding position.

To guarantee faultless operation around the clock, the RTC6 EtherBox features active air cooling. All electrical connections, such as the scanning head connection (SL2-100), laser control, PC connection via Ethernet, power supply, and analog and digital inputs and outputs, are easily accessible from the outside of the portable housing.

An added benefit for users: Stand-alone operation

There are various use cases and fields of application for this compact box. The RTC6 Ethernet card inside the housing offers 'stand-alone' functionality as standard. This means a pre-programmed laser job can be initiated at any time, for instance via a light barrier or an alternative external signal.

Using the box as a stand-alone control mechanism is particularly beneficial for laser processes with high throughput, low complexity and negligible changes; for example, when cutting displays, for identical laser markings or laser cleaning. The RTC6 Ethernet card works independently and is not linked to a PC, which means cost savings for the system configuration.

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