laserDESK features

Process Control


Integrated Process Control

  • Communication/control via digital and analog control signals
  • Communication via serial interface of PC (USB - serial adapter)
  • Control elements freely positionable in the Job Explorer
  • Marking variants selectable via input signals
    (RTC6 and RTC5 control board’s input ports)
  • Logging and timing measurements
  • Axis movement during job execution
  • Execution sequence definition in the job explorer

Automatic Mode

  • Production without operator intervention
  • Hardware-triggered list starts, no software latencies

Remote Control

  • Use laserDESK as server via Ethernet or serial connection
  • Laser job selection
  • Correction of process offsets, rotation and scaling
  • Modification of text content in any text objects (text, barcodes, etc.)
  • Update a group via vector graphics import
  • Job start and monitoring
  • Variant selection
  • System diagnostics
  • Assignment of marking parameter sets for job nodes