Matching Control Solutions


The new RTC6 control board enables powerful applications and is ready for future functional extensions, because it is equipped with expanded memory and a high-performance DSP and FPGA. Optinally, very high pixel frequencies up to 3.2 MHz can be achieved in Ultra Fast Pixel Mode (UFPM).

The RTC6 board is specially designed for excelliSCAN scan head control.

When synchronously controlling the excelliSCAN and a laser, the RTC6 takes into account the SCANahead control's lookahead time (used for computing scanner trajectories) so as to optimally utilize dynamic performance and accuracy. The RTC6's auto-delay functionality facilitates simple and fast excelliSCAN deployment. This frees users from needing to determine or define scanner delays.

Complete incorporation of all RTC5 functions ensures quick and easy migration to the new RTC6 board – also for customers who previously had an RTC5 board in use.

The RTC6 control board is also available as an Ethernet version, which can also be used in stand-alone mode.