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Workpiece-Processing in 3 Dimensions

varioSCAN dynamic focusing units provide highly dynamic , exceptionally precise positioning of the laser focus along the optical z axis, thus enabling straightforward transformation of xy scan units into 3D beam deflection systems. The laser focus can be guided along the contours of the workpiece being processed.

varioSCAN is ideal for applications requiring flat field objectives. Likewise for situations where those costly objectives are unwanted (or unavailable). In that case, varioSCAN manages not only focal z-adjustment, but also flat-field correction.

Product Variants for Diverse Applications

varioSCAN 40FLEX provides a motorized focus optic to also enable step-less varying of image size, working distance and spot size .

For scan systems with apertures larger than 40 mm, SCANLAB offers the varioSCAN 60, 60i, 80 and 80i, as well as the varioSCAN FC.

The varioSCANde i – equipped with a digital linear encoder – is the high-end member of the varioSCAN focusing system family. It offers double the travel range of standard varioSCANs and much lower tracking error , resulting in a larger focus-shift range and better spot quality. Its accuracy, speed, resolution and drift -effect behavior, too, are clearly superior.

Additionally, varioSCANde i delivers all advantages of iDRIVE technology: extensive flexibility, high dynamic performance, real-time querying of actual positions and other status parameters, etc.

Typical applications are:
Drilling, cutting, welding, Laser deep engraving, Rapid prototyping and rapid tooling, Microstructuring and 3D workpiece processing.

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