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Updates and Upgrades

Updating or upgrading laserDESK can be necessary in the following cases:

  • Extending program functionality
    You want to use laserDESK program features not yet activated on your dongle. In this case, the dongle must be upgraded (see Editions) to a more advanced edition (usually with costs). Please contact SCANLAB.

  • Updates and bug-fixes
    When SCANLAB releases a laserDESK update (higher revision number), you can simply download (see Download) and install the new (free) laserDESK version. In that case, you benefit from upcoming development without any costs.
    In cases an update or upgrade is necessary, this is possible via email. An Upgrade-License-File is required for this. For more information on generating this file and upgrading laserDESK, please refer to the document Installation and First Steps, which is part of the laserDESK installation package.

  • laserDESK version with new key features
    When SCANLAB releases a new laserDESK version with new features (higher major or minor version numbers), this version will require a dongle upgrade. Your old dongle won't activate this program version. Please contact SCANLAB.

laserDESK Support

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