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Four laserDESK Editions Are Currently Available for Purchase

  • Basic Edition
    This edition comprises only basic functions to create and execute laser-marking and material-processing jobs. But this also includes the application of the parameter library, individual GUI settings and a context sensitive dynamic help.
  • Standard Edition
    The Standard Edition provides all essential features for creating and executing laser-marking and materials-processing jobs. Furthermore, the Standard Edition also includes alignment, combine and repeat functions, language selection, special hatch line sorting functions and the control of all hardware components and calibration tools.

  • Standard Edition plus Remote Control
    This special edition provides all Standard Edition functionality plus a remote control feature.

  • Premium Edition
    The Premium Edition provides all Standard Edition functionality plus highly specialized features (Remote Control, 3D Support, Tiling, Ramping, 3D Calibration Wizard, SCANahead (with excelliSCAN)). Layer cuts of stl-files for rapid prototyping and deep engraving applications.

In addition to these four editions, a license is available for a function that lets customers create laser jobs offline and without build-in RTC board, i.e. independently of the laser processing system:

  • The Office Function is conceived exclusively for creating laser jobs. It provides neither hardware control nor capability to execute laser jobs. The Office Function contains all functionality of the above four editions required for job creation. To execute jobs created with the Office Function, you'll also need a Basic, Standard or Premium Edition.

The laserDESK software package supports all four editions. The USB dongle's configuration determines which laserDESK functionality is accessible.

In some cases, updates and/or upgrades may be needed.


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