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Laser welding made easy

intelliWELD is a 3D scan system developed for robot-assisted welding applications – it swiftly and precisely positions the laser beam along 3D contours.

The intelliWELD scan system quickly and accurately fine-positions and moves the laser spot in space, while a robot transports the scan system along a workpiece contour. This combination reduces the positioning time between individual weld steps down to mere milliseconds and substantially boosts beam utilization.

Motion synchronization between intelliWELD and industrial robots

Here, you can see what an 'on-the-fly' welding process can look like:

intelliWELD systems are ideally supplemented with a ScanControlUnit. In a welding system, this central operating panel and control unit synchronizes the laser, scanner and robot, and enables on-the-fly welding processes of upmost efficiency.

For more information, visit the website of our subsidiary Blackbird Robotersysteme GmbH.

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