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SCANLAB in the media

Here you'll find a selection of the most important publications.

2020 - September 2020
Systèmes de numérisation pour le micro-usinage

EuroPhotoncis - Autumn 2020
Smart Control Methods Speed Up Micromachining

Optics Express - Issue 12 / 2020
Pulse to pulse control for highly precise and efficient micromachining with femtosecond lasers

PhotonicsViews - June/July 2020
Micro-Drilling with a 5-Axis Precession Bore System - Practical experience using green and infrared lasers at Posalux

Laser Systems Europe - March 12, 2020
Micromachining over five axes

Laser Focus World - March 2020
F-theta leneses keep laser-scanning nice and clean

Journal of Laser Applications - February 25, 2020
Efficient production of design textures on large-format 3D mold tools - January 25, 2020
100 3D Printing Experts Predict the Future of 3D Printing in 2030



EuroPhotonics - Winter 2019
Laser Processing Brings Manufacturing to Next Level

Photonics Spectra - November 2019
Motion Control Solutions for High-Precision, Large-Field Laser Micromachining

Laser Focus World Japan - November 19, 2019

3D Adept Media - October 23, 2019
Scanlab dévoile un système de numérisation tout-en-un pour les pièces métalliques imprimées en 3D

Photonics Spectra - September 2019
Improved Lasers and Techniques Benefit Materials Processing

Laser Systems Europe - Autumn 2019
Ultrafast lasers: Wielding the increasing average power of ultrafast lasers

Industrial Laser Solutions - 09.05.2019
Laser structuring technique could triple productivity for automakers



MIKRONIEK - issue 6/2018
Towards ever-smaller bore holes - November 6, 2018
[독일] 스캔랩, RCT5 보드를 구비한 Basicube 스캔헤드 공개

microPRODUCTION, issue 1/
Flexible microdrilling für test electronics

Laser Systems Europe - September 10, 2018
Powering stable welds

Laser Systems Europe - May 29, 2018
Powering up the Pulse - Ultrafast Lasers

Laser Technik Journal - Issue 2 / 2018
CFRP is Demanding – Also on Laser Cutting

Laser Systems Europe - Spring 2018
Reaping rewards with robotics

Laser Technik Journal - Issue 1 / 2018
Laser Systems Support Breakthrough of E-Mobility



Laser Systems Europe - Autumn 2017
Fabulous Fabrics - Lasers in Textile Industry

Laser Focus World - September 2017
Polygon beam scanners enable essential applications

newSImpresa - July 2017
Quantum Leap per l’elaborazione laser 3D

Laser Systems Europe - June 1, 2017
Dedicated to design - The art of laser system design and integration

Industrial Photonics - April 2017
How to Select the Right Scan system for Your Application

Photonika Russia - edition 61-1/2017
Laser Marking and Processing Made Easy with laserDESK


Laser Focus - Dec 16, 2016
Laser Applications: Galvo scanners reach megahertz-scale range repetition rates for laser micromachining

Laser Systems Europe - Winter 2016
All in the delivery - Advanced scanning solutions along with ultrafast lasers for industrial machining

Industrial Laser Solutions - Nov 2, 2016
Remote laser welding benefits a variety of production applications

The Laser User - AILU - Issue 82 Autumn 2016
Advannced scanning solutions for micro machining

Journal of Mechanics Engineering and Automation - Issue 6 / 2016
Taper Angle Correction in Cutting of Complex Micro-mechanical Contours with Ultra-Short-Pulse Laser

Industrial Paper - LANE Conference on Photonics Technologies 2016
5-axis scanner for precession drilling

Food & Beverage Asia - Issue 10-12 2016
防伪激光处理标识,高品质德国制造扫描系统 隐私保护

Laser Technik Journal - Issue May 2016
Incline the beam - A new 5-axis technology enables straight walls and high aspect ratios

SPIE.Digital Library - February 2016
Time-optimized laser micro machining by using a new high dynamic and high precision galvo scanner

Plastics Machinery Magazine - Issue January 2016
Special Report: Laser marking and engraving following shifts in technology


Laser Systems Europe - Issue 29  (Winter 2015) 
Finger on the pulse - Can beam focusing and scanning systems keep pace with new laser technologies such as ultrashot pulsed lasers

Made in Germany 2015/2016 - Special issue Produktion - December 2015
UKP-Laser-Fertigung schneller als ein Lidschlag - Ultrakurzpuls-Laser revolutionieren die Mikrofertigung

Modern Manufacturing India - November 2015
Five Five Axes Do It Better — Laser Drilling in the µm Range

Laser 03/2015
Laser-Bohren im µm-Bereich

Mikroproduktion 03/2015
Scanner-Steuerung für ungebremsten Laser-Speed

Laser 02/2015
Neues Scan-System der Premiumklasse und Laser-Schweißlösungen auf Wachstumskurs

Laser Systems Europe (5. Februar 2015)
Galvanometer Scanners with Digital Position Sensors Meet Industry's Toughest Challenges


BLECH - 07/2014 (Dezember 2014)
Remote-Kehlnähte - Koaxiale Nahtverfolgung öffnet neue Wege beim Remote-Laser-Schweißen

Laser Magazin - 04/2014 (November 2014)
Galvanometer-Scanner mit digitalen Positionssensoren erfüllen höchste Anforderungen der Industrie

Laser Technik Journal - 05/2014 (3. November 2014)
Remote Welding of Fillet Seams

Laser Systems Europe - issue 24 (Autumn 2014)
Scanning new Horizons - Scanning Technology for ultrafast lasers

MM Maschinenmarkt vom 29. August 2014
Nahtregelung erhöht Genauigkeit beim 3D-Scannerschweißen

MIKROPRODUKTION - Ausgabe 03/2014
Laserscanner mit Präzision und Performance


Archive of selected publications of the past years

LASER - Ausgabe 03/2012
Taktsynchron mit dem UKP-Laser

Laser+Photonik - Ausgabe 03/2012
Remote-Schweißen mit 3D-Scannern

Applicazioni Laser - edizione Nov/Dec 2011
Teste (di scansione) pensanti

EuroLaser - Ausgabe 04/2011

Firmenportrait SCANLAB auf Japanisch - Portal, 18.10.2011
SCANLAB AG - スキャンラボ
CEO Georg Hofnerのインタビュー

Laser - Ausgabe 03/2011
Digitale Encoder für präzise Laser-Scan-Systeme

Laser Systems Europe - Ausgabe 8/2010
20 years of success

Laser - Ausgabe 03/2010
Fliegende Strahlablenkung

The Fabricator 10/2007
The evolution of scanners for remote laser welding

The Industrial Laser User 46/2007
Selecting a scan system for laser processing of plastics

ALAC Proceedings 09/2005
New Developments and Applications in Scan Head Technology

SPIE Meeting 08/2005
Advantages of digital servo amplifiers for control of a galvanometer based optical scanning system

Lasermarkt 06/2004
Mikrobearbeitung mit Scan-Systemem

EuroLaser 04/2000
Mit innovativen Scan-Lösungen in neue Märkte

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