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Download syncAXIS software

syncAXIS software package

syncAXIS software - latest version (release 1.4.1 / 2020-10-20 / 60 MB)

For using the new release, you need a current dongle to unlock 1.x versions.
Compatible with Windows 7 and newer Windows operation systems (32-bit);
RTC6 (current version of dll-, rbf-, and out-file can be taken out of readme-file);
ACS SLEC FPGA 3.31; ACS Firmware 2.60

Release Note of syncAXIS version 1.4.1


Important information about downloading and using syncAXIS:  

  • Carefully read the syncAXIS Software License Agreement before installing syncAXIS. This agreement defines matters such as terms of usage, warranty information and liability disclaimers. If you have questions, simply contact SCANLAB.
  • For usage of syncAXIS Software, you´ll need a valid USB dongle. To purchase a dongle, contact SCANLAB.
  • If you need a software version not currently provided on our website, then contact our Support Team.

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