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precSYS 5-axis micromachining system

The precSYS micromachining sub system enables laser micro processing and drilling of flexibly variable geometries as well as laser cutting and structuring. Designed for ultra-short-pulse (USP) lasers, precSYS's bore holes and cutting edges are exceptionally clean cut and don't require post-processing. 

The precSYS combines leading-edge high-end scan technology, integrated control, embedded PC and user-friendly software. This enables laser micro processing with ultimate dynamic performance and precision. Its graphical user interface facilitates straightforward creation and testing of micro-processing jobs. The very robustly constructed scan system is optimized for industrial usage. Its compact, modular design and specially adapted hardware and software interfaces allow easy integration into customer-specific laser machines and automated IoT (internet of things) environments. 


Key advantages

  • Flexible USP processing with variable angle of incidence
  • Speed-independent contour fidelity
  • Industrial suitability and highly-integrated modular design
  • Embedded PC and user friendly programming and operation thanks to DrillControl software
  • Ultra-precise pre-calibration
  • Flexibly expandable through optional components
  • Comprehensive offering for on-site customer service and training

Further information on the system and processing results.

Additional infomation can be found in the background article Five Five Axes Do It Better — Laser Drilling in the µm Range published by Modern Manufacturing India and in the two Industrial Papers from the LANE Conference 2016 Taper angle adjustment in ultra-short pulse laser cutting of complex micro-mechanical contours and in microPRODUCTION issue 1/2018: Flexible microdrilling for test electronics.

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