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intelliWELD II FT

The intelliWELD family now includes the newly developed intelliWELD II with integrated zoom axis (particularly well-suited for overlap welding, its variable spot size enables flexible seam widths). 

intelliWELD II FT (with F-Theta objective ) – optimized for overlap welding

  • Additional zoom axis
  • Constant spot size while varying x, y and z at all zoom settings throughout the entire accessible volume
  • Small aspect ratio, therefore small spots even with low beam quality or large fiber diameter
  • Lower drift , thanks to III-series galvos
  • Internal flash memory for configuration data and correction files – simplifies scan system swapping
  • Interlock monitoring of all four axes
  • Status indicator lights for power and interlock
  • New protective window sensor
  • Improved vision port

Produkt Tablle

31 mm
position detector

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