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Marking objects

Easy creation of geometric shapes

  • Basic shapes (line, circle, rectangle etc.)
  • Extended shapes (symmetric polygons, spirals)
  • Open and closed freeform shapes (Bezier curves, polygons etc.)
  • Versatile fill functions for closed objects and groups
  • Multiple hatch layers with various orientations
  • Path fills
  • Outline settings
  • Jump reduction
  • Overlap effects
  • Auto-sorting
  • Beam thickness compensation

Import filter for bitmap and vector formats

  • Import widely-used bitmap formats: bmp, gif, jpg, pcx, png, tga, tif, twain

  • Import widely-used vector formats: ai, dxf, plt, svg

Easy and automatic creation of text elements

  • Font and vector text with TrueType support
  • Single-line typeface (automatically converted from TrueType fonts)
  • Automatic barcode display (EAN13, DataMatrix, ORCode etc.)
  • Full Unicode support
  • External text file import
  • Text alignment to paths and circles

  • Internal serial number management
  • Serial marking using external files
  • Date and time in country-specific formats

3D marking functions such as:

  • Control of different Z layers
  • 3D spirals
  • Marking on sloped surfaces
  • 3D vectors from DXF imports

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