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Galvanometer Scanners

SCANLAB's dynAXIS galvanometer scanners are high-performance rotary motors for optical applications. Their exceptional dynamics are the result of years of experience developing and manufacturing scanners, scan systems and scan solutions for industrial use.

These optical positioning systems are characterized by high resolution, as well as good repeatability and drift values. Most of our scanners are equipped with heaters and temperature sensors. This temperature-regulating ability further improves the high long-term stability – even under fluctuating environmental conditions.

SCANLAB's galvanometer scanners are available in various sizes and configurations.

dynAXIS 3 Series – even better drift values

The new scanners of the dynAXIS 3 series feature a revised position detector for exceptionally low drift , highest linearity and, optionally, extended deflection angles.

dynAXIS functionality

The motor section of dynAXIS  galvanometer scanners is based on moving magnet technology and a high-accuracy position detector . The galvos are used primarily for fast and precise positioning of mirrors to deflect laser beams.

The motor section of each dynAXIS scanner is ideally matched to the deflection mirror's inertial load. The optimized rotor design is largely responsible for the favorable dynamic properties and settling characteristics. Axially pre-loaded precision ball bearings guarantee a backlash-free rotor with high stiffness and low friction. Special attention has been paid to long bearing service-lives.

Durable and ideal for diverse applications

The high quality of SCANLAB's galvanometer scanners enables error-free operation in long-term and continuous use. Additionally, optimized mirrors are available for a wide variety of applications, with coatings for all common wavelengths and laser powers.

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