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Control and Versatility

The RTC4 series of control boards is available with two different interfaces:

  • PCI Express (RTC4 PCIe)
  • Ethernet (RTC4 Ethernet)

These boards enable synchronous, real-time control of scan systems and lasers. Included DLLs facilitate straightforward program development under Windows. Every 10 μs, a 16-bit control signal is transmitted to the scan system. The RTC board´s processor performs vital steps such as micro-vectorization and image field correction.

High Flexibility

System integrators can access various programmable laser signals  for vector or bitmap processing. And a multitude of available options (e.g.3D, galvanically isolated laser signals, processing-on-the-fly) provides maximum flexibility.

With the RTC4 Ethernet control boards end customers can connect their own PCs/laptops via Ethernet. 

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