RTC Control Software

RTC Software

Scope of Delivery

Each RTC board includes a CD with the following

  • Drivers for the current versions of Microsoft Windows with plug-and-play support for RTC PC interface boards and the ability to operate multiple RTC boards simultaneously. 
  • A DLL and import declarations for binding of RTC commands to user programs.
  • An HPGL converter utility for straight-forward testing of RTC operation and scan system control. Images in HPGL format can be loaded and output to an RTC board.
  • iSCANcfg program for querying iDRIVE info.
  • Individually calculated correction files (when ordering a package including a scan system) enable precise positioning of the laser focus and constant scan speeds.


The DLL provides a comprehensive palette of commands for creating user-specific applications (C, C++, C#, Basic, Delphi ...):

  • Commands for synchronous control of the laser, scan head and peripheral equipment
  • Laser signals for controlling all common laser types
  • Commands for outputting vectors, arcs and bitmaps
  • Commands for querying scan-system status info
  • Additional commands support options such as SCANahead control, processing of moving objects (processing-on-the-fly), control of 3-axis scan systems, and simultaneous control of two scan systems

Additional Software

For straightforward testing of pixel graphics output, SCANLAB provides an HPGL converter utility and an optional bitmap converter utility.

RTC Support


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