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All-in-one calibration, quality control and vision solution

SCANalign extends your laser scan system with automatic process alignment and highly precise calibration of the whole image field. The package's included camera captures images via the camera adapter and the scan head's scanner mirrors. SCANalign's comprehensive, easy-to-use image processing software provides analysis of these captured images.

Functionality overview

  • Ultra-accurate measuring of positions and distances, as well as calibration of the entire working field and scan system
  • Inspection of workpieces prior to and after laser processing
  • Detection of fiducials and other features on a workpiece
  • Automatic positioning of the laser beam (making accurate positioning of workpieces unnecessary)
  • High-precision laser processing/marking of workpieces with varied orientations and positions
  • Logging and analyzing undistorted images in the scan head's working field before or after laser processing
  • Visual quality control of laser processing results
  • Automatic processing and analysis of captured images
  • Documentation of laser processing

The system can be easily aligned and calibrated, including automatic calculation of an RTC5 correction file . Users can define vision jobs via SCANalign's intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) – and completely without additional programming effort. These vision jobs encompass image capturing, flattening and recognition, as well as definition of position information to be returned to the laser processing software to ensure precise processing.

System scope of delivery

SCANalign includes a software package, a camera, suitable illumination (variable) and an (optional) high-precision calibration plate. All mentioned components are easily combined into a complete system with SCANLAB scan heads, camera adapters, RTC5 control boards and laserDESK software.

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