Customized Correction Files


Quick and Simple Calibration of Scan Systems

The accuracy of scan systems either with F-theta lens or varioSCAN (only in the z=0 focal plane) can be easily increased by doing a field calibration with the software CALsheet. This will result in an optimized .ctb or .ct5 correction file which minimize distortions of the optical setup (e.g. nonlinearity of the scan head and scan lens), eliminates inaccuracies resulting from mechanical deviations in the overall system setup and suit for SCANLAB RTC control boards.

For the CALsheet calibration process no sophisticated coordinate measuring machine is required. (Such measurements could be conducted using correXion pro.) You just need a master grid and an image capturing device. SCANLAB offers a variety of precise master grids on robust Mylar foils for different field sizes.

Besides a camera we recommend to use a flatbed scanner to capture an image of the customer’s marking with the master grid on top. The resulting image file is read into CALsheet and processed automatically. The user thus quickly receives a system-specific, recalculated correction file.

Advantages of This Software

  • Easy to use (dialog-box driven)
  • Optimized correction file created within a few minutes
  • No coordinate measuring machine required
  • High accuracy (up to 30 µm)
  • Quick on-site checking and recalibration of the scan system

A demo package can be requested.

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CALsheet Software

Easy correction of inaccuracies in laser processing.